Coffee Considerations

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Publish date: 2012-09-16

For most people, coffee is one of the great loves and vices of day to day life. Waking up in the morning is much easier when you know that your good friend, coffee is going to give you that kick you need to get going. For many people, it’s the first thing they put in their mouth, for others it is a social activity, but for all coffee lovers, above all, coffee is a pleasure.

Like all pleasures in life, if your coffee is not up to standard, you can find yourself more than just disappointed, you could be spiraling into a coffee crisis. What happens when your local coffee shop is closed? What if you don’t have time before getting into the office? Why does this coffee taste like mud?  The simple solution to this problem is to Hire a coffee machine.

Imagine stepping into the office, avoiding all of the queues at the coffee shop. No lining up, no searching for small change in your pockets, and no disappointment when you take that ever anticipated first sip of coffee. With the push of a button, your personally brewed coffee will come out at the perfect temperature, the ideal strength all to your desired tastes.

Coffee machines come in many shapes, sizes and specifications. There are many factors to consider when looking into a hire coffee machine. There are many models to suit different needs. So what are the features of such machines?

Cup Sizes – How many cups can your coffee maker brew at one time? Most brands today have single serve and multiple cup models with 10-12 cups being the upper limit for most home and office coffee makers.

Timer – if having your coffee pre-made for you a timer is the key. Timers allow you to see the time when your coffee maker will start to brew the coffee. It’s like you have preplaced your order, and you can walk up at the right time to take your cup.

Space –If you have unlimited counter space, then this is not a problem. But very few offices or homes have such a luxury. Counter space in a kitchen can be one of the most valuable elements to the room, so cluttering it up with a bulky machine is not an option. Therefore, when counter space is at a premium, deciding on the model that fits your space as well as your décor is of upmost importance.

Ease of use – No one wants to find themselves in front of the machine with a confused look on their face. Scratching at their head furiously as their need for coffee increases. The machines on the market these days can be as simple as pressing a single button. With many preprogrammed settings, anyone can be a coffee barista.

Durability – as you know, coffee makers will be one of the most used appliances in the home or office. Depending on how many people are using the machine, and how regularly, it is important the machine is capable of dealing with the quantity of users.

Style – As personal coffee machines have become more and more popular, they have taken pride of place in many homes and work places. It is for this reason, that not only the taste of the coffee is important. With many brands taking pride in the design of their machines, you can  chose the style of machine to suit your particular environment.

So in the end, it comes down to suitability and personal choice. With the right machine, the right coffee beans and passion for a good coffee hiring a coffee machine can make that positive difference to your day.