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Get a free espresso machine and only pay for the coffee you drink! With our coffee machine hire for offices in Melbourne, it really is as simple as that!

At MyCup, we provide an attractive package for your office with no binding contracts and the promise of premium coffee you can enjoy every day! With regular servicing, free restocking, and no up-front investments or costs, MyCup truly is the smartest way to hire a coffee machine for your office.

Providing your staff with a good cup of coffee greatly contributes to a positive atmosphere. When they choose our coffee machine hire for offices, Melbourne managers will also appreciate all the time they save! With irresistible, premium coffee waiting in the breakroom, you can avoid all the downtime created by employees leaving the office to get that much-needed coffee hit. Avoid lengthy café lines and long absences with MyCup coffee!

What’s best about MyCup coffee machine hire for offices in Melbourne is that the machine is absolutely free. You only ever pay for the coffee you drink, with no upfront payments.

Hire Coffee Machine For Office
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Contact us to arrange your free morning tea today and enjoy the MyCup difference.
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As well as being a high-quality semi-commercial machine, our espresso machines are easy to operate. This means that at a press of a button, with the milk of their choice, anyone can be their own barista.

Reap the reward of a high-quality cup of coffee whenever you like. Our delicious Rainforest Alliance coffee blend will leave everyone coming back for more!

At MyCup, we’ll also include a complementary 15L fridge with your coffee machine to keep your milk cold and fresh.

So, imagine stepping into the office, and avoiding all the cafe queues. With the push of a button, your personally brewed coffee comes out at the perfect temperature, the ideal strength, and with the milk of your choosing.

Now stop imagining it! For free coffee machine hire for offices, Melbourne teams can call MyCup today or make an enquiry online.

If you’re looking for free coffee machine hire in DocklandsSouth MelbournePort Melbourne or in St Kilda, call 13000MYCUP (69287) today.

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