The Office Coffee Machine

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Publish date: 2012-11-28

Commercial coffee makers and coffee brewers are hotter than ever in the office coffee and home use world. Coffee machines that were once only seen in restaurants have migrated over into the everyday office and home setting. These commercial coffee makers are much more reliable over longer periods of time and brew a much better cup of coffee compared to those made for home use coffee brewers. Commercial coffee makers brew coffee at an optimum brewing temperature and offer maximum coffee taste extraction from the coffee grounds. These commercial brewers often brew at 10-20 degrees hotter than the made for home models.

Most of these commercial coffee makers come in both pour over models and automatic type brewers that hook up to a water line. These commercial brewers operate quite similar to your home hot water heater as most machines have an internal tank and thermostat that hold the water at or about 191 degrees, which is the optimum brewing temperature for coffee. The automatic brewers are very easy to install to a water line and all connections needed are found very easily. Most commercial coffee manufactures make parts very easy and affordable to get, although most models can operate for years and years without the slightest little problem. There shouldn’t be any problems installing the coffee machine into your office water line.

Also, most of the commercial coffee companies have free maintenance and repair manuals that are easily downloaded straight from the company’s website. If you were to calculate the accumulated cost of staff breaks and runs down to the coffee shop, an office could save quite a bit of money over time by owning or renting their own commercial coffee maker. With an office coffee machine, the time wasted waiting in line at the café would be eliminated which leads to higher work productivity.

There are a few factors to remember when first receiving your coffee machine. You might want to check and make sure that the thermostat is turned off or down before the initial use. Make sure the brewer tank is full of water and the thermostat is turned back up before plugging in and using. By doing this, you will prevent damaging the heater element inside your coffee maker tank. If you live in an area that has heavy lime deposits in the water, you might want to consider using a water filtration system on your coffee maker. Heavy lime build up can occur in the tank of the coffee brewer causing premature maintenance problems. So next time you are thinking about purchasing a coffee brewer for home or office make sure to consider upgrading to a commercial coffee maker.