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  • There is no doubting that Melbournians love their coffee. But it can’t just be any coffee. Instant coffee might be convenient, but if you’re looking to impress, then freshly ground, locally roasted coffee is the way to go. With this in mind, you might run down to the local café to pick up coffee for clients, and your employees dutifully make the trek morning and afternoon for their own caffeine hit. But what if you could be your own barista? Whipping up flat whites, espressos, and soy lattes right there in the office.  

    There are so many reasons to try out coffee machine hire for your North Melbourne business, but one of the best reasons to try MyCup might be that the coffee machine hire itself is absolutely free, and you only pay for the coffee you use. Of course, you could buy a machine for the office, but that could prove expensive. Our coffee machines retail in the thousands, yet with MyCup, you can have the hire machine in your office at no charge, while the only cost is for the coffee beans, chai powder, and hot chocolate and milk that you would be paying for if you had bought a machine anyway.

    Another great advantage of hiring with MyCup, rather than buying, is the flexibility it gives you. We have machines that are suitable for all types of business – large or small. So you can start with a coffee machine for 30 staff, then, if your business expands, we can swap it over for a machine with greater capacity at no extra cost. We can supply multiple machines if you decide to have one on every floor, or if you want one in the break room and a separate machine for clients. And you’ll still only pay for the coffee you use.     

    To find out more about coffee machine hire, North Melbourne business owners can call 13000MYCUP (1300 069 287) and talk to the experts ‘near me’.

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Our Coffee Beans

Our six bespoke blends integrate complex, vibrant, distinct flavours, while our single origin beans stand out, not blend in. Our beans provide flavour profiles that suit any palette.

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