Coffee Machine Hire South Melbourne

Are you interested in coffee machine rental for your office but not interested in the high costs that come with it?

If you’re looking for the most affordable coffee machine hire in South Melbourne, you can’t get much cheaper than free.

That’s right! With MyCup, you can enjoy free coffee machine hire for your office in South Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. When you choose our espresso machine hire, you only pay for the coffee you drink, with no upfront costs for the machine!

This unbeatable deal is available for offices of all sizes today. Our commercial espresso machine rental provides barista quality coffee with none of the hassle. In fact, our fully automatic coffee machines allow you to make your favourite brew, with the milk of your choice, all with the push of a button!

At MyCup, we also offer great deals and no binding contracts on coffee machine hire in South Melbourne for functions, events, productions, and parties. You can even choose commercial coffee machine hire for your club and raise money by selling high-quality coffee to your guests.

Whether you want to hire a coffee machine for a day or invest in coin-operated coffee machines, MyCup can help you.

When you choose our coffee machine hire in South Melbourne, you will enjoy:

For the best deals on coffee machine hire in Docklands, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne or in St Kilda, call 13000MYCUP (69287) or enquire online now.

Thanks MY CUP - We received an overwhelming response of positive comments from our customers at our VIP lounge area during the 2012 Sydney International Boat Show, Darling Harbour. Cafe quality coffee at a press of a button. See you at next year’s show!

Deborah Stretton, Events Manager, dAlbora Marinas

Our staff enjoy the delicious coffees and hot chocolates, and our patients are much more patient waiting for us when they have a hot drink in their hands. Thanks you and all the best.

The staff, Rose Bay Medical Practice

We really don’t have to do much at all, other than serve fabulous coffee to our guests and look forward to our weekly visit of MyCup.

Julie, Sand Sculpting Australia

Hot chocolate in the office without hassle. Cafe style coffee or hot chocolate in the office without the hassle of buying the beans or a big messy coffee machine. Makes a great impression on clients and is always enjoyed by all the staff.

Polly Matheson, Visy Closed Loop

MyCup coffee is easy to use, tastes great and most importantly, is easy to maintain. At the press of a button, our staff can enjoy café style espressos, lattes and cappuccinos at varying strengths.We are incredibly satisfied with the service as well as the savings we make per cup.

Tanya Aronov, Marketing Manager, Mess

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